Weekly update – week 10 of 2021

So…this week has not been the best. It started fairly well, with hope and optimism. And I got to join in on my first Top Ten Tuesday – with the theme of Spring Cleaning. I had a lot of fun writing my Top Ten Tuesday – having a clear goal as to how to shorten my TBR list is strangely comforting. I might aim to shorten my list, but thanks to the lovely book blogging community, my list seems to be getting longer. I reassure myself by telling myself that by expanding my TBR list I am also expanding my horizon.

How my week has been

Regarding the spring cleaning of TBR, I decided to dump five books and make it a goal to read five other books – focusing on books that have been on my TBR for the longest. I started with Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix – it’s got good reviews and I needed some good horror/humour. This venture quickly went sour and I ended up dnf’ing this book. You can read the full rant here. It was difficult for me to decide on not finishing this book. With the good ratings and good reviews, I felt as though I was wrong in putting it down. I also have this mentality that it is wrong to pick up a book and then not finishing it. Which is not how it is supposed to be. Reading is supposed to be fun – yet I spent almost a full day arguing with myself whether or not I should continue with the book. I still feel a bit guilty. But reading is supposed to be fun and if it is not fun, I should not force myself to read!

Instead if Horrorstör, I’ve now jumped into the reading of Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. This book isn’t a long read, but the mood for reading, in general, has been non-existent this week. What I’ve gone through so far has been good. Of course, I have my expectations since I’ve seen the movie, but I try not to let it get to me too much. I am around 30% through the book.

I had a job interview this week and I thought it went well – the best interview I’ve ever experienced. I always try not to have too high hopes because it hits me hard when my hopes don’t live up to my expectations. Since the interview and the experience were so positive – even the interviewers seemed positive – I did let my hopes run a bit away with me. Even though I did not get the position, it was still a good experience.

Other than reading and my job prospects, I’ve been in the creative mood – especially regarding this blog. Playing around with the site and experimenting with design and headers. I like my current header image, but I was working on something I loved on my iPad with the Procreate art software. Procreate has this wonderful function where it records your drawing process, and I was looking forward to seeing how it would wound up. I was so close to finishing the header – I just needed to adjust the colours and finish the lettering – and my iPad crashed. I’ll see if it is worth trying to fix or if it is just for the trash. Regarding fixing Apple products I know it can get spicy with the pricing. Oh well, I am currently looking into some graphics pen tablets and crossing my fingers that I know how to use one.


I haven’t been in a good headspace this week – we also had to put down one of our pet rats – a sweet little old boy – so it has not been the best of weeks. To be honest, I don’t remember most of the week. I think I’ve been in a bit of a fog. I would like to share stuff that I’ve enjoyed throughout the week such as podcasts or YouTube videos that I thought were great and needed a special shout out. I will do a special shout out to a fellow book blogger who just celebrated her birthday week with a bunch of special tags. The Pancake Tag was especially rather sweet. Please go wish her a happy birthday!

Zezee with Books

Okay, since I am hyping up other bloggers, please check out The Book’s Whiskers‘ post on An authorly tribute to mothers & daughters. It is a very sweet post, and has me appreciate my mother a bit more.

Even though my week hasn’t been the best, I am very grateful to have found this community. I know I haven’t been in the reading mood at the moment – at least when it came to books – I’ve loved browsing around in the blogverse. Looking for inspiration regarding my site and just adding a whole bunch of books to my ever-growing TBR list.

Baby Balder eyebleach – to help me get me through my days

RIP baby Fenrir

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    • Thank you. He got lots of love and treats ❤️
      Yeah, I am trying to change my mindset to be more willing dnf a book I am not enjoying. Reading is supposed to be fun and not a chore 🙂

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