Weekly update: week 11 of 2021

So this week has been not fun. It started with my iPad crashing and my iPad is what I use for my digital art, and I’ve especially used it for the headers on my site. I was almost DONE with my new header, and it crashed. I got it diagnosed, and it would be too much of a cost to get it fixed. So that made me sad. I had to work on my header with my old graphics tablet using my computer. It is old and the last nib is well-used.

This week, though.

I have also had some issues with my sinuses during the week – which is why this post is about a day late. The week was mainly spent napping. Despite the pain, the napping was good. Due to this, I haven’t been reading as much as I’d like. However, I managed to get through Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk – the book gave me the energy to work on an in-depth review. I just needed to make a commentary on the use of mental disorders as a plot device. If you’re interested in reading my review you can find it here.

After finishing Fight Club I’ve tried to get some more reading in, and have started several books – such as John Dies at the End by David Wong, All Systems Red by Martha Wells, and Anoka by Shane Hawk. They all seem to be books I’ll enjoy, but my mind just hasn’t been into them at this moment. All Systems Red especially seems like an interesting read, and something right up my alley so I am looking forward to giving it a proper read. It might have been because my brain has been a bit drained by Fight Club, and I needed something more…fun. So I dove right into Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert. I got a whiff of this book series by The Suspected Bibliophile after I read their review of the third book in the series, Act Your Age, Eve Brown. My brain just really needs to relax and enjoy something sweet and fluff, and so far Get a Life, Chloe Brown is delivering. It’s fun, cute, sexy and still touches on some serious subjects without getting too heavy.

Music I’ve been addicted to this week
I’ve been enjoying Go_A – who are the Ukrainian entry for this years Eurovision Song Contest.
While working on my blog posts or my job applications, their music has been great, the lyrics don’t distract me, since I do not understand what they’re saying. It’s weird and upbeat, and for some reason, their music makes me happy.

For music I wanted to sing along with, I’ve gone to Fyr og Flamme with Øve os på hinanden – who is our Danish entries for Eurovision. It’s a cheesy ’80s disco and so much fun.

YouTube that got me through the week
Since my iPad is kaput and my Wacom graphics tablet is the age that it is, I’ve been watching a lot of videos on graphics tablets. I love diving into tech videos and have especially enjoyed Brad Colbow’s channel.

After thorough consideration, I’ve decided I’ll go for an XP Pen and probably a Deco Pro M because I might be a little bit in love with it.

Other than the tech videos I’ve binged a bit of Clint’s Reptiles videos – particularly his Reptile Reviews.
I have no intentions of getting reptiles, but I love learning about them and their care plus I adore Clint’s enthusiasm when he talks about his animals. I love seeing people passionate about something – it just makes me so happy. His crested gecko review is just adorable!

Another YouTuber I’ve been enjoying is Khadija Mbowe who makes interesting in-depth reviews on sensitive subjects such as race-baiting, queer-baiting, stereotypes, digital blackface and many more. Her videos are informative and she has an ability to get into these serious subjects with humour while still staying true to the subject.
Thinking back, I can’t believe how Janet Jackson was treated after her “wardrobe malfunction”.

While working on my in-depth review of Fight Club, I did spend time looking up different mental disorders and found the interviews that Anthony Padilla helpful. In general, he has some good and well-done interviews that span further than mental disorders/illnesses. He follows through with his interviews with a kind heart, understanding and always does his best to make his guests feel comfortable.

Most of my time has clearly been spent on YouTube, but that’s what my brain could manage – and sometimes we need to be kind to our brains.

Today is also a sad day. We had to say goodbye to another pet rat. That is the danger of owning rats – we have them on borrowed time, and sadly two years is old age for such a little creature. He will be missed.



4 thoughts on “Weekly update: week 11 of 2021

  1. Wow! What a cool way to sort of journal your week!
    I’ve kept numerous “dairies” over the years and many don’t last a few months because I couldn’t keep up with daily diary entries so maybe a weekly entry would work better, hmm.
    I’m so sorry for Basil. He’s so adorable and I’m sure he’ll remain in your heart forever.

    Lots of love! Great post! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’ve never been one to keep diaries, but I’ve seen some other book bloggers do weekly wrap-ups,and I think it’s a good way to also give away recommendations for other things than books – and for example show some love to music artists or youtubers 🙂

      Thank you. He was such a sweetheart. We spent the whole day cuddling before we went to the vet – I stayed with him ’till the end ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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