Weekly update: Week 12 2021

Happy Sunday! It is time for my weekly update for this VERY eventful week totally serious – I mean it. Very eventful. If you’ve read my last update you already know that my week started off with having to put down my pet rat, Basil. That was not a lot of fun, but he was old, couldn’t eat, and was having trouble even sitting up. He was loved and got all of the cuddles.

What I read
Yesterday I finished my reading of Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert. This is the first book in the series of the Brown Sisters – I am looking forward to getting to the sequels! I enjoyed this book so much and in my review, you can see that I gave it 5 out of 5 stars! If you like funny steamy chick-lit, this is a book for you. I highly recommend it.

The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna is so far fantastic. I’m about 20% through the book, but I have decided that once when I get my pay I’ll buy the audiobook. This is a fantasy universe where I want to dive into it while being creative. The world is bringing back to a time of fantasy I haven’t felt since I was a teen and I want to savour it while doing art or crocheting.

The Electric Kingdom by David Arnold is a story about a world living through a Fly Flu epidemic. Society has crumbled, and survivors are doing their best to live. I started reading, but I can sense my headspace isn’t in the right place for this story. There’s nothing wrong with the book – I just need something more light and sweet.

With my headspace in mind – enter The House in the Cerulean Sea by T. J. Klune. I am 37% into the book and the cuteness is pulling on my heartstrings. Linus Baker is a caseworker who investigates orphanages for magical children and is sent on an assignment by extremely upper management to visit an orphanage on an island. I did not know much about this book getting into it, and I am happy about that. Reading this is like unpacking a box of chocolate that keeps on surprising me with the next sweet piece.

YouTube I’ve been binging
Last week was about Clint’s Reptiles and Brad Colbows reviews – I am still quite into them, but I might change my mind on what graphics tablet I’m getting. I still have time to decide. I am a very indecisive person…This week, however, has been more centred around food and recipes. Not that I have any plans on making the food, I just enjoy the videos. Emmymade is a lovely YouTuber and is always sweet and still very informative. She’s open-minded when trying something new and describes what she tastes in an honest and illuminating way. This is her taking on Fufu & Okro stew:

Another food-focused channel is Strictly Dumpling with Mike Chen. I’m sorry, but I love food and love seeing food from around the world. Mike has a wonderful charisma and is also very sweet. And then there’s food! It’s not so much recipes he’s going through – there are some, but mainly it’s him trying out a bunch of food and I love it.

Note: I might be a little hungry while working on this blog post…

Podcasts I’ve been listening to while going to sleep
I have many go-to podcasts that I turn to when I try to sleep. I have tinnitus and an anxious brain, so deafening both the ringing in my ears and thoughts in my brain with a podcast is always a win. This week’s podcasts are MonsterTalk and The Chilluminati Podcast. Both focusing on cryptids, aliens, hauntings and what-not. MonsterTalk is purely a sceptical podcast with a fascination with the weird and oftentimes explainable. They have guests who are experts in specific fields – which also means that the audio-quality can change regarding who the guest is. Not everyone has expert mics and computers. My absolute favourite guest of their’s is Dr Ken Feder, an archaeology professor. He is SO MUCH fun. Their talk on Ancient Alien Astronauts is a fun episode.

The second podcast I’d like to hype up a bit is The Chilluminati Podcast led by Mike “Mathas” Martin, Alex Faciane and Jesse Cox. These boys are mainly known for their gaming on YouTube, but they have had this podcast since 2018. They are a lot of fun – with Mathas and Alex with their heads in the clouds wanting to believe and our beloved sceptic, Jesse, keeping them grounded poo poo-ing on their dreams.

No-think phone game
While listening to my audiobooks or my podcasts, I’ve either been doing a bit of digital art or playing this idle game I’ve just come across: Idle Slayer – and if you need something where you don’t want to use your brain and just advance, this is quite entertaining 🙂

I do believe this was it for me this week 🙂

Please do take care of yourself!

Basil was so tiny!
And if you were wondering – yes, he was named after the Great Mouse Detective xD

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