ARC Review: Tomorrow by Damian Dibben

Do you love good bois? Do you love good bois who’ll travel the world to find you? Do you love good bois just because they’re good bois? Then this book is for you! 

This isn’t my most recent read, but it definitely left an impact. I’m still rather new to Netgalley, and I was browsing their books ready to be read right away. I came across this beautiful cover with the cutest dog on it. If you know me, you know I have a weakness for cute animals and this cover just hit me in the face with the cuteness! Looking at the blurb sold me even more. This is a book about an immortal dog, looking for his immortal master! Historical fiction with a pinch of fantasy

Good boi is being good

About The Book 
Title: Tomorrow 
Author: Damian Dibben 
Genre: Historical fiction 
Length: 335 pages 
First published: March 20th 2018 
Stars: 4 out of 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

Trigger warnings: Substance abuse, death of animal, and graphic war imagery

Goodreads Summary 
A wise old dog travels through the courts and battlefields of Europe and through the centuries in search of the master who granted him immortality 

Tomorrow tells the story of a 217-year-old dog and his search for his lost master. His adventures take him through the London Frost Fair, the strange court of King Charles I, the wars of the Spanish succession, Versailles, the golden age of Amsterdam and to nineteenth-century Venice. As he journeys through Europe, he befriends both animals and humans, falls in love (only once), marvels at the human ability to make music, despairs at their capacity for war and gains insight into both the strength and frailties of the human spirit.

With the rich historical vision of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and the captivating canine perspective of A Dog’s Purpose, Tomorrow draws us into a unique century-spanning tale of the unbreakable connection between dog and human.

my thoughts About the book 
The story itself is beautiful. The characters were wonderful both sweet and flawed. The main character is a sweet dog who’ll follow his master to the end of the world. They were there on a trip to Venice to enjoy the architecture but something happened which caused them to split up. Being the loyal good boi he is, he waits for his master. He waits. And he waits. Time passes and our good boi both gains and loses friends in his time in Venice. Still waiting. 

One day he meets an old acquaintance which both gives him hope that his master is alive, but also makes him realize that he can’t wait anymore. He has to go. Along with his young friend, Sporco, they venture out in search for the good boi’s beloved master. 

my thoughts About the writing 
I had a difficult time with the writing style. I think it might be because English isn’t my first language, but I also get the impression that the language is inspired by the period in which the story is set. I don’t know how accurate the language is – I’m not a historian nor do I have any knowledge of that time’s language – but it’s definitely not contemporary…I think 😅 I do believe it might have been easier for me to read if the story wasn’t jumping between past and present. Keeping up with time and understanding what I read did complicate the experience for me. Despite that, the story and the characters really pulled me into the story. I did get frustrated since I usually read faster, but with this book I needed to take my time. I guess you could say it gives me more time to enjoy the story, but I just wound up getting wound up! I think this book might have been easier for me as an audiobook, and I’ll definitely get it for myself as one some day. Would read again!

About the author: Damien Dibben 
Damian Dibben is a best-seilling British author. His latest novel, TOMORROW – published by MichaelJoseph/Penguin in the UK and HarperCollins in the US – is his first for adults, having previously written the internationally acclaimed HISTORY KEEPERS series. His books have been translated into 27 languages, in over forty countries.

Damian has worked extensively as a screenwriter on projects as diverse as Phantom Of The Opera and Puss In Boots. He lives on London’s Southbank with his partner Ali and three dogs, Dudley, Daphne & Velvet.

Damian Dibben

I hope you enjoyed this review of a sweet sweet story – happy reading 🙂

Balder says hi ❤

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