TTT: Favourite Book Blogs

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is a Freebie, so I decided to pick out a top ten list from The Broke and Bookish old topics: Favorite Book Blogs

Enjoy 😉

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme, created by The Broke and Bookish and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

The Book’s Whiskers

“I’m Sarah, and I’m in the midst of a 40-something year long love affair with books. It’s a habit instilled in me by my parents’ gift of nightly bedtime stories, and crystallised by library visits, book-swaps, and some truly gifted authors. I’m not all about the books … my life is ruled by a supremely strong-minded cat called Grace. Like books, cats have been a lifelong fixation … albeit they are somewhat more difficult to keep on shelves.

Cozy with Books

My name is Esther! An accountant by day and bookworm by night. Throw in a bit of gaming, tea, coffee, and perpetual anxiety, you’ll have a entire Esther! Sshh…it’s a secret recipe 

A quarter century human who enjoys burying herself in books…no no not the reading, just under them…a pile of them. Buying books is a whole separate hobby to reading them, ya know. Pro retail therapy 100%!

Stephen Writes

Hello, my name is Stephen and I am a writer and an avid reader. Always fighting a losing battle against my increasingly lengthy TBR, I read from a very wide range of genres. My favourites are mystery/thriller, historical fiction, and fantasy, but I also read YA, contemporary, and literary fiction.

On this blog I write detailed reviews of books after reading them, share some of my poetry and bookish discussions, and chart my writing progress. I work full-time as a university administrator.

Han Loves to Read

My name is Hannah and I have been reviewing and photographing books on Instagram since 2018. I have now decided to branch out and start a blog. Reading has been a huge hobby of mine since I was a child. However since joining Instagram I have made so many book friends I would class as real life friends and I have read books I would have never thought to look at.

The Midnight Book Club

Currently, I am 21 years old and attend university for Psychology and Spanish. I love to volunteer, and in the future hope to host some charity events/fundraisers on this blog. 

Most often you can find me curled up in bed with a good book (or sleeping). I also have a passion for drawing, and recently opened up an Etsy shop for custom and handmade bookmarks, which you can access here.

When not doing any of the aforementioned activities I can be found with my pet rabbit, skateboarding, or making music. Pretty much any hobby out there, I partake in.

A Cat, a book and a Cup of Tea

Book blogger, proofreader, author assistant, and real life hedgewitch | She/her | Bi | Member of @thefantasyhive

My Bookish Bliss

“I’m so happy you are here! I am a mom of five adult babies and a whole bunch of grandbabies. My wonderful husband and I have been together for 26 years, and I am a book lover at heart!

I was a born reader. From the moment I looked at that brightly colored Pug reader in the first grade, it was my destiny to love books.

I have always been an adventurous reader. I was reading V.C. Andrews novels in 7th grade. I developed a taste for “fluff” and all things romance. As an adult, I met many people from around the world and suddenly, I felt pretty stupid for not being “well-read” enough.

As I was getting to the root of my mental attitude, I realized that I could love all the books and it didn’t matter what I read as long as I enjoyed the journey!


In Which I Indulge My Bookish Nature

Kerri McBookNerd

I’m one of those people that finds it difficult to talk about themselves. Mostly because, if we’re being honest, mine is not the most exciting life! I’m married with two kids. We are an animal loving family that is currently spoiling three beautiful cats. I work as a medical laboratory scientist in the Microbiology department, which I find deeply cool, but most others may not. We are recent transplants from New Mexico to the Boston area and are about to experience our first New England winter. Spoiler alert: I am not prepared. And, of course, I love books!

When it comes to what I enjoy reading, I am an open-minded consumer. My main favorite consists of adult and YA fantasy, but I also enjoy science fiction, historical fiction, mystery/thrillers, true crime, and contemporary. Honestly, though, if the premise of the book sounds interesting to me, the genre doesn’t much matter to me. I’ve found favorites in all types of genres, from The Night Circus to The Nightingale. What is most important to me in a book is undoubtedly the characters. If I fail to connect to (or at least love to hate) any of the characters, then the book just falls flat. I love me a good character-driven book, mmm!

So, yeah… that’s me in a nutshell! I, of course, have other hobbies beyond reading. If I’m being honest with myself, though, most nights you can find me curled up in my favorite reading spot with a book in my hands and a cat on my lap. And, frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Welcome to my blog and happy reading!

The Bookwyrm’s Den

“I started reading at two, writing at three, and driving my parents crazy with the whole book thing since I was one and demanded to be read to. I’ve been told I was very demanding. Note the past tense, thank you very much.

I like to think of myself as a creator—of worlds, people, and sometimes bad ideas. When I’m not doing those things, I’m preventing my husband and daughter from destroying the planet and everyone in it. You’re welcome.”

These are hardly ALL of my fave bloggers – there are way more, but I only have room for 10. Gotta make a part 2 another time 😉

Happy reading ❤

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