TTT: Online Resources for Book Lovers

It is time for another Top Ten Tuesday! I love the opportunities and tools that the internet gives us and I use it daily!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme, created by The Broke and Bookish and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl


I am a very big fan of Reddit and use it to keep up with a lot of nerd communities, such as Marvel, LOTR or just looking up r/illegallysmolcats.


Just a community for people who love books.


This is a place where you post what kind of book you’d like to read and other redditors come up with suggestions fitting your needs. Usually I don’t post myself, but I search for post that fit with what I am in the mood for.


I’m a fan of Audible and have been for a long time now. This subreddit is amazing to keep up with deals, sales and even have codes for promotional use for some interesting listens. I love the threads for the 2-for-1 deals, since there are good discussions about the book selection, and you might fall over something you didn’t know you’d like.


Jess Owens
A wonderful YouTuber who talks about stuff and events going through the online book community. She goes into subjects such as representation, publishers and other interesting stuff. She really does spill the book communiTEA 😉

Wisecrack with Thug Notes
The Thug Notes from Wisecrack are hilarious. Here there’s a summary and analyses of books, but done in a fun accessible way while also being informative.

Written in Red Podcast
This is a podcast I recently stumbled over. The production quality isn’t mint, but it is an entertaining listen. Especially if you are into extreme horror and splatterpunk. It’s very much geared towards horror authors, with focus on self-publishing, but as a horror nerd and a lover of books it’s interesting. However, if you’re not into listening to four men with that cheesy sexualised humor – mainly towards each other – you should probably skip this. It does also get very graphic with violence and sex, so, ye be warned.


This is an account for horror, and he is the one who introduced me to splatterpunk. This is the account that recommended The Troop by Nick Cutter, and I am so very grateful for this – cause I love this book!

So, going away from the horror genre, let’s get into LGBTQ+ reads with the funny Ezeekat. He does book recommendations, monthly book club and is just a relatable guy when it comes to the struggles of being a bookworm.

Aonther LGBTQ+ booktokker. Highly recommend!

And of course…

A list about online resources for book lovers is not complete without Goodreads. This is my go-to site to look for books, inspiration, keeping track with my reads, reading challenges, reviews and my TBR-list.

I hope you’re doing well and happy reading ❤

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