TTT: Disgustingly Creepy Reads

Hello, sweeties and welcome to this week's Top Ten Tuesday! Today is a Halloween freebie, so I'll be sticking to the Halloween theme and do a top ten disgustingly creepy reads. Trigger warning - some of these are in the extreme end of horror, so if that's not your cup of tea, you're welcome to … Continue reading TTT: Disgustingly Creepy Reads

TTT: Books on My Fall 2021 TBR

I am very much awake. Not tired at all. I do not have trouble with getting sleep or staying awake. Am I convincing you? Currently I am working on a few reviews, but I think my brain is a bit blocked and I can't seem to be satisfied with my reviews. On a different note, … Continue reading TTT: Books on My Fall 2021 TBR