About me

A Greenlandic Inuk living in Denmark, who loves to read and being creative

Hello there! My name is Aviâja, and I love reading. I’ve been reading since I was a kid, and I credit The Pagemaster for that!

I tend to get a bit in and out of reading – so I do some random reading or might even be randomly reading. My reading is affected by my mindset, so even though I always read, there will be periods where I read less than I’d want to. My mindset also affects the genres I read – I have a wide variety of genres and subjects I enjoy, spanning from sci-fi/fantasy; YA, LGBTQ+; Jane Austen; and of course – my favorite – HORROR.

Besides reading, I have a few different interests, and I love to be creative. My main creative interests are doing digital art and crocheting – which I often do while listening to audiobooks.

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Me and my boy, Balder