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Hello, sweeties 😘 Last week I gave you a review of the first book in the series the Daughter of Erabel by Kristin Ward. This post was in preparation for the great blogtour I’m now a part of, thanks to Dave at @TheWriteReads.

For last week’s review for The Girl of Dorcha Wood, check out this link 😉

Series: Book #2 of Daughter of Erabel series

Genre: YA Fantasy

Length: 282 Pages

Publishing: 3rd August 2021

Stars: 4


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Mysterious. Hidden. Sacred. Erabel is the beating heart of Dorcha Wood. And its heir has come home.

Fleeing the man who betrayed her, Fiadh returns to her beloved forest, into its heart, to discover her people. And herself. With the aid of Veren, an Aos Sí warrior, she explores her birthright, a world safeguarded from the corruption of mankind. There, she learns the history of a mighty race and the vastness of the power coursing through her blood. 

But beyond Erabel’s boundaries, men are flocking, rallying to an evil lord who covets the strength flowing in Fiadh’s veins. They have their eyes fixed on the lost kingdom of the Aos Sí, and it’s only a matter of time before they breach those borders and come for Fiadh and all who protect her. 

All around her, the world is closing in, as some plot in shadows, and others in the stark light of day.

My thoughts about the book

I think this is even better than the first book. Where in The Girl of Dorcha Wood felt very much as an introductory to this world – while also giving us some lovely heartbreaking love – this felt more like a main book. We get introduced to the world of Erabel, its history and its politics. We get a lot of answers to questions that were left open in the first book, and it is lovely not having to wait until the third book.

I know I said that Blood of the Lost Kingdom feels like a main book, but it definitely also builds up to something bigger in the third book. I’m really looking forward to this third book. Book two is building up to something good.

My thoughts about the writing

This is ones again a quick read. Not too heavy where the language still reflects historical fantasy fiction for the time. The read is not difficult and it’s easy to get immersed into this world that Ward has brought to us. There’s still a bit of violence, but not graphic.

My thoughts about the characters

We once again meet Fiadh, our main heroine with a past even she doesn’t know of. She’s sweet, but not as naive as she once was. I really enjoyed her interactions with the world of Erabel. Here I especially enjoyed Dasha the playful raven and Krulan – a Cu-Sith who has been the protector of Fiadh for longer than she’s aware of – and they are both wonderful characters – giving us a nice break from the heavy topics of war and genocide. I adored Krulan in the first book and adore him even more now. He’s a big dangerous canine creature but soft of fluffy on the inside. I think he’d be nice and soft to snuggle up to 😊

After parting ways at the end of the first book, Gideon now tries to figure out what to do now. Believing Fiadh isn’t who he believed her to be and his family and home destroyed he’s at a loss. All he’s filled with is anger towards the Aos Si and therefore also, towards Fiadh and her betrayal. Combing through the remains of his home, he comes across a young girl, Aishling, who quickly becomes his ward. Their relationship is adorable and quickly I wound up looking forward to the chapters where we could follow their journey.

For our bad guys – the roster has expanded a bit. Now also with the elven king, Rygeil, taking a bigger part in the story. However, Haegna, mother of the evil lord Darragh, is so far my favorite bad guy. She’s a lot of fun. She’s got the old hag vibe down to a T.

My thoughts about the world building

We’re introduced to more of the magical world of the Aos Si, meeting several new creatures. I would have liked a bit more of it, though. Mostly it was very much just an introduction to a few species – just so we knew they were there. At least Krulan has a bigger fluffy part of the story 🙂

Who’d enjoy this read?

If you like Celtic mythology, war between species with more than one bad guy racing towards the same end goal – this might be for you. Especially if you also want this in a quick read format. Highly recommend.

About the Author

Kristin Ward is an award-winning young adult author living in Connecticut. A science and math teacher for over twenty years, she infuses her geeky passions into stories that meld realism and fantasy. Kristin embraces her inner nerd regularly, often quoting 80s movies while expecting those around her to chime in with appropriate rejoinders. As a nature freak, she can be found wandering the woods – she may be lost, so please stop and ask if you see her – or chilling in her yard with all manner of furry and feathered friends. Often referred to as a unicorn by colleagues who remain in awe of her ability to create or find various and sundry things in mere moments. In reality, the horn was removed years ago, leaving only a mild imprint that can be seen if she tilts her head just right. A lifelong lover of books and writing, she dreamed of becoming an author for thirty years before publishing her award-winning debut in 2018. Her first novel, After the Green Withered, is one of many things you should probably read.

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Happy reading ❤️

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