Blogtour review: Our Bloody Pearl by D. N. Bryn

It’s time once again for a blogtour review – here I present to you this steam punk pirate adventure with lots of representation. We’re both met with disabled protagonists, prejudice and wonderful characters from all across the Rainbow 🌈

Title: Our Bloody Pearl

Series: These Treacherous Tides #0

Length: 206 Pages

Date Published: 26th July 2018

Publisher: Bryn Books

Moons: 3/5


Trigger warnings: mild gore due to carnivorous sirens and sensations of drowning


The ocean is uncontrollable and dangerous. But to the sirens who swim the warm island waters, it’s a home more than worth protecting from the humans and their steam-propelled ships. Between their hypnotic voices and the strength of their powerful tails, sirens have little to fear.

That is, until the ruthless pirate captain, Kian, creates a device to cancel out their songs.

Perle was the first siren captured, and while all since have either been sold or killed, Kian still keeps them prisoner. Though their song is muted and their tail paralyzed, Perle’s hope for escape rekindles as another pirating vessel seizes Kian’s ship. This new captain seems different, with his brilliant smile and his promises that Kian will never again be Perle’s master. But he’s still a human, and a captor in his own way. The compassion he and his rag-tag human family show can’t be sincere… or can it?

Soon it becomes clear that Kian will hunt Perle relentlessly, taking down any siren in her path. As the tides turn, Perle must decide whether to run from Kian forever, or ride the forming wave into battle, hoping their newfound human companions will fight with them.

This adult fantasy novel featuring an nonbinary disabled protagonist is a voyage of laughter and danger where friendships and love abound and sirens are sure to steal—or eat—your heart.  

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This is an enjoyable read. I definitely enjoyed the characters and their relationships way more than I enjoyed the story itself.

The flow of the story is a bit all over the place. A lot of going back and forth and I would have liked more insight on the antagonist, Captain Kian. We’re told that she’s scary and evil – violent and abusive. I would have preferred earlier on in the story to actually meet her and experience how she interacts with the people around her. Not just a few lines, but, a proper interaction.

Regarding the world building I think the mix of steam punk and pirates are awesome. But the use of medicine annoys me. It’s like, this doctor is SO good and has these awesome pills, so wounds heal quickly and you don’t have to worry about losing blood, since these pills makes your blood increase(?) We already have sirens with the ability to sing and enchant humans, steam punk machinery, we might as well also add some magic or alchemy to the world. Now that I’m talking about medicine, I’d also like to add that some of these characters really do take a beating. It’s amazing they survive. Especially towards the end where one of the characters is so beaten up, wet and cold, if the insane concussion hadn’t made them throw up and pass out, the hypothermia definitely should have taken them out. But they just keep on keeping on. Albeit struggling a bit.

It’s not all annoying, though. I love the characters and their relationships, and I would have loved it even more if we got to spend more time with them as they build up some of the relationships. Perhaps over a longer period. But the characters are really sweet. I adore Perle and could totally see myself drawing a fan art of them.


Do you like pirates and steam punk? Are you in the need for some diverse representation? Then this is a book for you!

I received this book to read and review as part of the 2021 BBNYA competition and the BBNYA tours organised by the TWR Tour team. All opinions are my own, unbiased and honest.

BBNYA is a yearly competition where Book Bloggers from all over the world read and score books written by indie authors. If you are an author and wish to learn more about the BBNYA competition, you can visit the official website or twitter @bbnya_official. 

The sign-ups will soon be open for the 2022 BBNYA competition, be it for authors to enter their books, or for bloggers wanting to be part of the new panel, so keep your eyes peeled!!


D.N. Bryn began writing short stories in middle school and has yet to stop. They received their bachelors degree in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from UCSD, and enjoy a day job involving respiratory disease research. They bring their love for animals, science, and mythology into all their writing, and are passionate about creating inclusive worlds where a diverse array of characters can go on grand adventures without being hindered by social misconceptions based on their appearance, sexuality, or gender.


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